Activate Your Destiny!

by wicks988



I’m thirsting for…something fresh…


I’m thirsting for…

Something full of whatever is… UN-watered down, maximum dose filled with the precious fulfillment of…

Joy close to my heart that sparks…

Laughter within that burst out and…

Dwells in my reach

If you can preach, preach it, if you can teach, teach it, educate and demonstrate to every eye that has not seen,

Let your speech reach every ear that has not heard, words that could…quench that thirst

If it were I, I might quote John 3:16 or…

Tell you to be strong, courageous and meditate day and night like Joshua,

Then you will be prosperous and successful.

I’ve never seen the righteous forsaken but yet

Night after night I lay awake and

Think about Good people with servant’s heart barely making it.

I tell you their bread is coming,

Unworthy but never worthless, set apart for special work, this animated dust, aggravated persistently, provoked and exasperate has purpose.

Whatever the worst is…

Doesn’t compare to what your worth is,

See the truth is,

We are…

We are JOINT HEIRS WITH CHRIST according to the hope of eternal life, the riches of the glory of His Spiritual inheritance in the saints ripe.

So… wipe away every tear from your eyes;

Debate no more about former things of the past, your future awaits


You trust In Him,

Be sealed with the Holy Spirit of promise,

Who is the guarantee until the redemption of the purchased possession that’s promised,

With satisfaction of every blessing,

Prosper over every weapon formed against you

The willing and obedient shall eat the good of the land… And whatever we ask in HIS name we receive from Him, because we keep His commands

But first you must rebuke the one, who tempts you,

Once subjecting but now subject to objecting darkness

Give your lives to spiritual pursuit and reap what you sow, the kingdom of lights in your mist.

Use it for the glory of God and draw from the wells of salvation and you will be filled with the abundance,

This is not just mere avocation, its truth that calculates cultivation of every candidate destined to reach their destiny despite complication.

Debate no more about former things of the past, your future awaits

But you must…not… wait

Activate your Destiny!